Noreen Carruthers
Studio GM/Director of Operations and Head Dance Party Starter

Ali has had not one, but two, birthday parties at the Craft Studio and she and her friends love when Craft Studio visits the Hamptons! We have had Thursdays “Art Under the Big Tree" reserved for years!!

Lindsey and Noreen and their terrific staff always offer the most creative and age-appropriate projects our daughter and her friends.

The staff's level of energy, festive atmosphere and thoughtful, age-appropriate activities make every party a home run.

The Craft Studio even went the extra mile to help me plan out the outline of the sleepover, even the part they didn't participate in! A class act, and the best in the city….probably the whole world!

CM, UES Manhattan

The Craft Studio literally made my 10 year old's sleepover a birthday she will never forget by coming and crafting with a slew of 9 tweens. The girls were so excited for the "crafters" arrival and didn't want them to leave.

CM, UES Manhattan

They have the coolest crafts and package it all together with amazing easy to follow instructions. I am getting a high quality unique craft packaged with quality and care that you cannot find any where else!

EB, UES Manhattan

Whenever I need help organizing a craft for my teenagers school, or volunteer group. The Craft Studio always come through!

EB, UES Manhattan

THANK YOU and your wonderful staff for everything you did to make last week's Valentine's Day celebration special for our clients. They had an amazing time.

EL, SOHO Manhattan

Thank you so much! We'll definitely be recommending it to all our friends! An amazing staff who truly knows how to run a party and treat kids and parents with kindness and respect!

JL, UES Manhattan

The grown ups were shoving kids out of the way to get to the crafts! They did an amazing job as an addition to our school's special event! Loved having them and their fun and professionalism.

JM, UWS Manhattan

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