Our Story

The Craft Studio has been a staple in the lives of New York City kids since founder Barbara Dansker opened its doors in 1994.

I bought the business in 2009 after working at the Craft Studio from the time I was just 19 years old. I love this business and it is hands down the most magical, amazing, friendly, warm and inviting place for kids in all of NYC. The combination or our beautifully decorated spacious studio and our incredibly fun and creative staff is the perfect formula for imagination to run wild. We always stay true to our mission listed below and are so proud that whether our guests are buying a beautifully wrapped gift, coming in for candy, dropping in for walk-in painting, hosting one of our famous birthday parties, having us in their home for a to-go event, or attending one of our workshops or classes….they will leave with a giant smile and feel the TLC and wonderful touch that is uniquely The Craft Studio. Since becoming a mom in October 2014, I am even more proud and excited to provide amazing experiences to wonderful families!

Lindsey Peers, Owner

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a fun, safe, and welcoming environment where kids and adults alike are free to be creative! We pride ourselves on our un-paralleled customer service. We put our heart and soul into making sure each customer has a unique, individualized, and magical experience. Our traditional hard working business values paired with the warmness of our great staff make every birthday party, candy or toy purchase, and walk-in painting a memorable one. We also strive to help our community thrive by supporting local businesses, causes, and organizations. The Craft Studio is more than a business; it is a place of positivity, fun, and happiness.